Oct 11, 2011

Intentional Conscious Parenting is a way of being with our children.

Intentional conscious parenting is a way of being with our children.  It is a choice.  I choose this path of parenting because it supports my instinctive desire to live through my awareness.  It asks me to BE a watcher of my children AND of myself in relationship to them.  It asks me to listen.  It asks me to wait.  Watch my reactions.  And choose to interact with my kids with compassion for who they are and have always been.  It asks me to listen and watch some more.  It helps me see who I am.  It allows me to accept myself and my children, at each moment, with trust that what is before me is as it ought to be…so we both can learn how to be even more compassionate companions.  It encourages me to expand beyond and transform my personal beliefs.  Quite simply, it asks me to respond to my instinctive awareness and my ability to love unconditionally. ~ Alexandra Folz

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