Dec 31, 2011

Getting Clear In 2012 By Carol Lawrence

Do you write new years resolutions?
Do they usually work out well for you?
Do you commit yourself to your resolutions?

I can remember being a little kid thinking 2012 is so far away. I really thought back then we would all be driving hover crafts by now and that I would have grown up to be a "Solid Gold" dancer. (Past popular TV show).

Dreams change as we change with each passing breath. Like many of you I have written down my new years resolutions year after year. Some have been accomplished some have not. I'm pretty good at learning something new or completing a goal once I set my mind to it.

As I lay on my couch typing this blog post on my iPad and nursing a cold, I have been reflecting back on the past year. Many changes have taken place in my life and those around me. I'm grateful for
all of them.

This year I'm looking at my new years resolutions a little differently.

I'm getting very clear with my intentions and sharing some of them with you.

Why, you may ask? When you get clear and hold yourself accountable in front of others you are more likely to succeed.

~ Carol's Intentions For 2012 ~

1. Continue to become more clear with my fears and intentions.

2. Master the use of EFT (tapping)
This is a very powerful tool for shifting and moving energy.

3. Grow my social media and conscious parenting businesses. It's time to take them both to another level.

4. Balance my time better so I'm very productive but still have time to play and create joy.

5. Product development. Create products that help others with their parenting or social media. I've learned a lot and it's time I share more of it with you.

6. Become a published author. ;) Stacy this is our year! The children need our children's picture book.

7. Build a new deck! It's long over due.

8. Take a romantic vacation with my husband. (If you are a resort owner and would like to sponsor our entire trip, we would happily blog/vlog about it!) :)

9. Continue on my new way of eating/living. Loosing weight feels great.

10. Obtain a better vehicle so we can load up the dogs and go camping more.

My suggestion to you is to write your goals, resolutions and intentions so you can become clear about the changes you want to take place in your life and then ask yourself why you have chosen these intentions. This will help you get to the core of your desired manifestation.

Here's an example of getting clear about your intentions.

Here are two common new years goals.

1. Loosing weight.
Why do you want to loose weight?
Maybe it's because you want to feel better about yourself, have more energy, be able to play sports with the kids. Any reason is ok. Be honest with yourself. Write your reasons down along with your intention and read them often. Hold yourself accountable and start taking the necessary steps to your desired goal. Surround yourself with others who are seriously working towards the same goal or who have already obtained their goal and are willing to mentor you.

Common goal number two.
2. Financial abundance? Again there are no right or wrong answers. Be honest with yourself. Why do you really want to be wealthy?

Here's some of my answers.
1. To be able to take care of myself and my family. Have access to, top of the line health care. The kind of alternative health care we want to be able to afford with ease.

2. Buy an abundance of healthy and nutritious food.

3. Travel ~ My husband and I would love to spend time at our favorite animal and wildlife sanctuaries, take a trip every February to a warmer climate, experience other cultures and spend more time trekking around the mountains.

4. Free up our time to completely live in the moment, not tied to a clock and see what we create next.

5. Create my own non-profit that helps families buy school clothes and school supplies, assist homeschooling parents with the materials or financial assistance they may need, preserve more wilderness for future generations, protect wildlife and continue to be of service for Mother Earth. Encourage my sons to be on the board, travel the world and help delegate where the funds would be best utilized.

6. Build my green dream home.

I honestly could go on and on but I won't. It's time to get on with celebrating the incoming new year with friends and family.

My wish for you is that you are completely honest with yourself. From my heart to yours~Happy New Year! Blessings and gratitude for you and your families. May your 2012 dreams come true.

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Written by Carol Lawrence
Permission granted to repost this article in its full entirety along with full credit and a link to the original copy.

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