Jun 9, 2013

The Power Of Positive Communication

The Power of Positive Communication

Destructive                                                                       Supportive
Rebellious                                                                         Independent
Demanding                                                                        Persistent
Irrational                                                                            Creative
Disobedient                                                                      Strong
Manipulative                                                                     Innovative
Obstinate                                                                          Not Easily Swayed
Resistant                                                                           Focused
Overly Sensitive                                                              Connected
Disrespectful                                                                    Honest

We have the opportunity to create our children with every word that we use to describe them. Many times the words that we use to describe our children are the same words that we secretly use to describe ourselves. These words leak out when we are feeling frustrated. It is helpful to notice when your emotions are getting raw, admit your frustration and choose to identify the situation in a new way. 

When you can't catch yourself, have compassion for yourself! We all do the best that we can in any given moment.  ~ Suzy Miller 

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