Jun 11, 2013

Raising Self-Empowered Thinking Children

(Rachel, Josh, Tony, and Sarah; holiday get-together, Rachel helping Tony get ready for Halloween, 
Family gathering during summer, Tony's birthday)

While raising our kids with the mindset of conscious parenting we purposely chose to teach them in a manner of thinking which enabled them to be self-empowered in their own thinking.  As we were fully aware we were raising adults and they would not be children forever. Everyday choices are a part of our society and soon would be theirs. As we guided them through their childhood and through their teenage years we were always focused on enhancing their already awakened intuitive skills.
We wanted their enlightenment to never go dormant because we had seen so many children who had. Some of the ones that had gone dormant, only to reawaken in their adult years felt like they missed out on so much. These same children now as adults have resentment, are bitter, angry, have no self-esteem, and are withdrawn. They were coming forward wishing for help and guidance on how to change. Part of what our two families have done through the years is helped people reawaken their true inner selves.

Even though we may not agree or see the value in what our children are reflecting back to us at the time we appreciate their ability to think for themselves and not be clones of us and our mindset, to form their own opinions and see things we can't or don't want to see. We have enough respect for each other (all eight of us are grown adults now) to allow each other to have their thoughts, opinions, and beliefs.

We are so proud of our children and the adults they have become. 

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Stacy Totent and Carol Lawrence

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