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Jun 11, 2013

Raising Self-Empowered Thinking Children

(Rachel, Josh, Tony, and Sarah; holiday get-together, Rachel helping Tony get ready for Halloween, 
Family gathering during summer, Tony's birthday)

While raising our kids with the mindset of conscious parenting we purposely chose to teach them in a manner of thinking which enabled them to be self-empowered in their own thinking.  As we were fully aware we were raising adults and they would not be children forever. Everyday choices are a part of our society and soon would be theirs. As we guided them through their childhood and through their teenage years we were always focused on enhancing their already awakened intuitive skills.

Feb 4, 2012

The Intuitive Child: Extrasensory Gifts Creating An Extraordinary World By Cyndi Dale

The Intuitive Child:
Extrasensory Gifts Creating An Extraordinary World
By Cyndi Dale

I was nervous. A mom I’d never met was bringing her son to see me for an energy healing session. He was in his 20’s and had not spoken or walked in his life, ever since he had almost died during surgery when he was a year old. His mother would be carrying him in.

How was I going to figure out how to help him?

Within a few minutes, I was enamored with this young man. I could sense his kindly soul, his awareness of the life around him. And then, something special happened. It was as if his inner self reached into my mind, offering words and pictures for me to interpret.

“Why, Blaine!” I cried out. “You remember heaven! You want this information shared with the world,” I added. “Is it through a book?”

He laughed. He LAUGHED, before nodding his head.

Blaine was communicating with me intuitively, intuition his main way of interacting with the world.

Many of Blaine’s five senses weren’t functional enough for him to communicate with others, but his sixth sense was. In working with him, I figured out he was able to sense others’ feelings and needs, send healing to the ill, and touch the hems of angelic garments. He could read what others’ needed and felt frustrated because he was all-too often not understood.

All children are equipped with a sixth sense; they simply don’t need to rely on it as completely as does Blaine. Having said that, why wouldn’t we want to afford our children full and safe access to their sixth sense, the ability to reach beyond the ordinary five senses? To help our children access these gifts wisely is to activate an internal GPS, one that can provide direction, revelation, comfort, and healing. As extra-ordinary as is the sixth sense, it can be the most practical sense of all.

There are three main considerations involved in guiding our children into their sixth sense. The first is deciphering a child’s strongest gift so you can customize a fun and exciting development process. The second is safety. Intuition involves receiving and sending psychic information. Without filters, we don’t know if we’re working with valid or invalid, helpful or harmful information. The third deliberation is to slowly and enjoyably invite children to actively engage the world via their specific intuitive gifts, making sure they are always comfortable with the process.

There are actually twelve different types of intuitive gifts, which can be divided into four main categories. The simplest way to figure out a child’s gifts is to ask him or her which of the following four descriptions best describes how they know what’s happening inside and outside of themselves. (I have written these descriptions in such a way that you can read them to your child.)

·         Physically kinesthetic: Feeling gifts.Your body tells you what is happening in others.