Great parenting conversation about teaching children about law of attraction, universal laws and feelings.

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From the Beginning . . . Hi, glad to be starting this conversation and I hope some of you jump right in with your thoughts.  I'm reasonably new to this site and so glad I found like-minded people to share with :-) I chose this group because the 'law of attraction' or similarly,'cause and effect' is something that I... read more... Powered by BlogFrog


Yulia Levak said...

i like ur thoughts! tell me more about ur community, please!

Stacy and Carol said...

Yulia, we are a community of parents who believe in conscious parenting, parenting with an open mind and parenting from a more metaphysical perspective. Please sign up for our newsletter (right side of page) Follow on Facebook www.facebook.com/IntentionalConsciousParenting and visit our Blog Frog community. We'd love to hear from you. Any particular topics you are interested in?