May 22, 2012

Great parenting conversation about teaching children about law of attraction, universal laws and feelings.

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From the Beginning . . . Hi, glad to be starting this conversation and I hope some of you jump right in with your thoughts.  I'm reasonably new to this site and so glad I found like-minded people to share with :-) I chose this group because the 'law of attraction' or similarly,'cause and effect' is something that I... read more... Powered by BlogFrog


Unknown said...

i like ur thoughts! tell me more about ur community, please!

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Yulia, we are a community of parents who believe in conscious parenting, parenting with an open mind and parenting from a more metaphysical perspective. Please sign up for our newsletter (right side of page) Follow on Facebook and visit our Blog Frog community. We'd love to hear from you. Any particular topics you are interested in?