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Feb 22, 2011

I Think, I Am Children's Book Review And Giveaway!

By The New York Times Best-Selling Authors 
Louise L. Hay And Kristina Tracy
Illustrated By Manuela Schwarz

I Think, I Am is a great teaching book for parents to read to their children.
I Think, I Am is filled with beautifully illustrated simplistic examples that children experience in day to day life. I Think, I Am teaches children that they can create their life by their thoughts by understanding how mighty their words and thoughts really are. 

Parents, help empower your children by showing them that there are choices in everything they think about. In every situation they have the opportunity to look at it from a positive or negative point of view.

Here's just a few of the dynamic situations covered in this beautiful children's picture book.
  • Gratitude
  • How to change your thoughts about the situation you are in.
  • Peer pressure ~ Standing up for yourself
  • Being helpful
  • Self forgiveness ~ Learning from mistakes, not being attached to the past.
  • Taking care of the planet.
  • Expressing creativity

Af-fir-ma-tion "Words that you think or say and believe to be true." ~ Louise Hay

Handy affirmation tips included in back of book.

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Review By Stacy Toten And Carol Lawrence

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~ Supporting The Inner Light Of The Children ~

Jan 25, 2011

On My Way To A Happy Life Children's Book Review & Give Away!

New York Times best selling authors Deepak Chopra and Kristina Tracy have written the most deliberate well rounded children's book.

On My Way To A Happy Life incorporates 7 simple timeless lessons that teach children how to create a happy and joyful life. Positive lessons spill off every colorful page. The intricate illustrations tell their own stories. 

On My Way To A Happy Life empowers children to create who they want to be, introducing universal laws in the simplest of ways. 

Perfect for the conscious parent who wants to instill confidence, life long universal tools, the art of giving and receiving, the importance of choices and the power of acceptance. 

This is the perfect little children's book for inspiring kids to create a happy life and start to formulate a solid foundation.

~Perfect for all ages: Starting from in the womb through 100~

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Written By: Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten

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Review & Giveaway coming soon of Soul To Soul Parenting

Nov 25, 2010

Review & Giveaway of Milton's Secret by Eckhart Tolle & Robert Friedman

Parents, have you been looking for a children's book that reflects Eckhart Tolle's wisdom and teachings? 
Look No Further! Here is the children's book you've been waiting for.

Milton's Secret ~ An adventure of discovery through Then, When, And the Power of Now.
By Eckhart Tolle & Robert S Friedman
Illustrated by Frank Riccio

Milton's Secret will take your child on an internalizing thought provoking journey. Milton seeks to utilize his own inner power. 

Through lessons learned from being in the now he's empowered to turn a negative scary situation into an eye opening positive engaging experience.

Eckhart Tolle & Robert S. Friedman do an exceptional job teaching children how to see the light in others and live in the now.

Illustrator Frank Riccio draws you in with his 
alluring illustrations and exquisite details!

Life is here to be our teacher, our guide, and our spiritual partner. We are here to uncover our unconsciousness and integrate it. ~ Shefali Tsabary, PhD
The Conscious Parent ~ transforming ourselves empowering our children

Sep 15, 2010

Children's Picture Book Review - A Night In The Woods By Dave McGraw

A Night In The Woods By: Dave M. McGraw

A Night in the Woods

A Night In The Woods is a tale about a dog named Josie. 
This delightful story written for children and adults is written from Josie's point of view. Josie goes on an accidental adventure full of excitement, love, fear, danger and courage. She will touch your heart as she shares her exploration in courage, loyalty and strength.

A Night In The Woods is a beautiful hardback children's book featuring detailed captivating illustrations.

A Night In The Woods teaches children 

  • About the joys of having a dog
  • Courage
  • Love
  • Loyalty
  • Gratitude & Kindness

The author Dave McGraw shows his love for fly fishing, the outdoors and spending time with family and friends at Fuzzy Moose Flats through his descriptive words and inspiring characterizations . 
You would almost think Dave was a dog by the way he captures Josie's point of view! He describes Josie's bold and daring tale in such vivid detail you feel like you are there along for the journey.

A Night In The Woods would make a great gift for adults and children alike.
Purchase your copy today.
A Night in the Woods

To learn more about "A Night In The Woods" or see what Dave's up to these days check out his Facebook Page.

Would you like to win a copy of A Night In The Woods?

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Written By: Carol Lawrence

No monetary compensation has been received for the review of this book.
I came across Dave's site and knew I wanted to read his book and share it with you.
Dave Thank You so much for donating two beautiful hardback copies to share with our readers!

Jun 7, 2010

Intentional Conscious Parenting Blog Update.

Hello everyone, we now have an "Intentional Parenting" Facebook page.
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To be able to bring
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Here are some great children's books we recommend.
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Thanks to everyone who reads our blog and is part of our wonderful life adventure!
You rock we couldn't do it with out you.

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Jun 4, 2010

Featured Children's Author: Stephanie Lisa Tara.

Snowy White World To Save
By: Stephanie Lisa Tara

Snowy White World to Save
"Snowy White World to Save cleverly introduces young children
to environmental awareness and global warming...
so they, too, with their parents, will become global citizens."
—SHARON STONE, Actress, Activist

Stephanie Lisa Tara •
children's author, san francisco

Snowy White World to Save •
on sale now, everywhere

It is so important to teach the children while they are young the importance of taking care of our planet. Teach them how we can all work together and create a sustainable world by our everyday choices.
Parents please share these great childrens books with all your friends.

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Mar 23, 2010

Definitive Resources for Parents and Parents-to-be

Are you expecting a baby? Have a new baby or a toddler?

The Pregnancy Journal, Baby's First year Journal, and The Toddler Journal are books focused on keeping parents informed and involved with their children both before and after birth.

Intentional parenting is propelled by the deep emotional connection fostered by PERSONALIZED developmental information offered by these books. Parents don't have to read about generalized growth and change and then try to imagine how their child fits in. Instead, the day-by-day or week-by-week information in each book is keyed to their baby's precise due date or birth date.

Parents can use each journal like a daily planner.
These journals provide brief but relevant insights that take just minutes to absorb and apply.

The Pregnancy Journal: A Day-to-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

Since its publication in 1996, The Pregnancy Journal for expectant families has sold over a million copies. Author Dr. A. Christine Harris brings a revised and updated edition to todays parents-to-be.
Features: daily entries, a personalized timeline, pregnancy glossary, also includes a clear picture of the baby's in-utero development. Great advice about giving a growing baby every advantage prior to birth.

Baby's First Year Journal (Revised Edition): A Day-to-Day Guide to Your Baby's Development During the First Twelve (Baby Record Book)
The Baby's First Year Journal makes a great gift for new parents and is an excellent resource featuring over 140 illustrations! Baby's First Year Journal is the perfect place to record their little one's accomplishments and their own observations while learning about baby's early social, physical, and cognitive development day-by-day.

The Toddler Journal : A Week-By-Week Guide to Your Toddler's Development from Ages 1 to 3
The Toddlers Journal: A week-by-week guide to your toddler's development from ages 1 to 3.
Learn fascinating information about your toddler's social, physical, and cognitive development as you record your thoughts on these exciting years of your child's development.

These journals make great gifts for the mommy to be in your life.

These journals are a great way to keep track of relevant information to look back on years later.

To purchase any of the these informational journals click on books above.

Feb 9, 2010

Check out these awesome children's books!

Our friend Debby Carman is an amazing artist. She not only writes her own children's books she illustrates them also. She is a Laguna Beach California artist, author, and cartoonist. She is noted for the most beautiful hand crafted porcelain hand crafted dog and cat bowls and treat jars. We hope you will check out her awesome kids books and amazing art!

Faux Paw Productions Presents:

I'm Gronk and I'm Green
An affable but easily distracted little dog who places fun in
front of obeying the rules. A story of conflict and consequences.
Little things that can turn you green, and it's a silly thing for a dog to be green!

Chewdalootie, Doing my duty.
This spunky little dog shows us that pet ownership involves
more than just love. With it comes responsibility
and commitment or the consequences can result in some
rather chewed up situations.