Genetically Modified Foods Could Cause Long-term Sterility

New research findings coming out of Russia are linking GMO's to long term sterility and bizarre physiological side effects! 

Here's an interesting interview with Jeffrey Smith, author of bestseller Seeds of Deception.

What choices do you make to impact the food market?

Genetically Modified Foods Could Cause Long-term Sterility

What are your thoughts on Genetically Modified Organisms?

I'm a firm believer in moderation of anything and I don't think we have to eat 100% healthy nor should we fear our food. I do think that choices are being made that have huge impacts and influences on our food with out giving us the choice. Our health is at stake. It's up to us to become informed and educated on what is taking place surrounding food in our countries. It's up to us to demand change and it's up to us to put our money where our conscious is. In other words by the way we shop, how we spend our dollars we have great influence. 

There are some wonderful books and movies out that are very informative. 
I recently watched the future of food. 
This movie will update you on the race to patent and buy out every seed out there. The terminator seed that destroys itself so it cannot grow crops a second season. The Monopoly of Monsanto, the deception and control that is taking place. Big corporations are bullying small time farmers. I think if everyone really knew what was going on those that weren't influenced by greed would demand significant changes. 

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~ Carol Lawrence


The Inner
Light Of
The Children

Raw Recipes for Kids


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays From Little William!

Thanks Sherry for sharing Willy's adorable picture
with all of us. He is so cute.!


The Conscious Parent Review!

Hello everyone, I am so excited to bring you our latest book review! 
The Conscious Parent ~ Transforming ourselves empowering our children
By: Shefali Tsabary, PhD

Shefali Tsabary raises the bar in the parenting realm with her new book
The Conscious Parent. She demonstrates several examples on how to take day to day parenting to a new level. Be advised after reading her astounding new book you will never look at parenting the same way. She shares with you a whole new perspective on the conscious parenting process. When followed and applied the techniques and tools she teaches can last you a lifetime.

Shefali truly channels the conscious connections of parenting from an authentic place. When you parent from your conscious self you learn how to parent from a place from within. By reconnecting with this part of yourself you begin to practice living in the now and are more fully able to to implement conscious parenting practices. The conscious parent is jam packed with much needed information. This book is nothing like any other book on the market. The Conscious Parent shows you that the parenting process is really about the parent!

Top five favorite messages from The Conscious Parent.
1. We really loved that throughout The Conscious Parent, Shefali reaffirms the process of parenting and life is more important than the outcome.
2. Your unconsciousness isn't your children's to inherit: it is yours to excavate. Being a conscious parent means you are increasingly aware of your unconsciousness as it arises in day to day situations.
3. Shefali demonstrates through her own experiences how to honor your children for their essential qualities such as joy, peace, authenticity, courage and trust.
4. By being fully present with your child, you learn how to make the simple moments count.
5. Shefali shows you how through your children you can learn how to really live, meet your children as they are being to being!

The Conscious Parent is available in paperback and on audio and on CD!
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Carol and Stacy are practitioners of the spirit, they deal with the soul, the real you. They interview authors, write book reviews and together intuitively Carol and Stacy are fulfilling a calling and a passion to write children's picture books. They are assistant editors for the family and parenting community at All Things Healing. They provide nurturing tips and encouragement for parents walking an intentional spiritual conscious parenting path by supplying an inviting platform for their established parenting community. 

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Last Minute Christmas Ideas To Support Your Own Inner Growth.

Turn your MP3 Player, Ipod or cell phone into a transformational machine by downloading products that support your goals and dreams.

There are so many applications available. Why not get an APP that gives you a positive daily affirmation? Or one that supports your well being?

Feeling Fine Audio App By Louise Hay
The Feeling Fine Affirmations app by Louise L. Hay is a compilation of positive audio affirmations set with motivating music created to help you lift your spirits and feel more joy in your life. Having this app on your iPhone or iPod Touch is an excellent way to carry Louise's uplifting affirmations with you at all times.

The Stress-Free Audio App By Louise Hay
The Stress-Free app by Louise L. Hay is a collection of powerful audio affirmations designed to help alleviate stress and create positive changes in your life. Having this app on your iPhone or iPod Touch is a great way to carry Louise's stress relieving affirmations with you at all times.

I Can Do It! 2011 Calendar App
The energy of this year is one of building your foundation for the future. Louise L. Hay’s I CAN DO IT 2011 Calendar offers you positive thoughts, affirmations, and words of wisdom to bring you fine opportunities that you may never have experienced before.

This beautifully designed calendar is the perfect gift for friends, family members — and, of course, you, because you can do it... no matter what “it” is!

Download An Audio Book for listening on the go in the car or while walking your dog. There are so many wonderful books available as audio downloads or for your Kindle.

Gregg Braden's Highly Acclaimed Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 And A New World Age.

A Call To Conscious Parenting Digital Download By Shefali Tsabary, PhD

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Conscious Parenting Books Available On Kindle For Children.

Friendly Reminder: We have a Intentional Parenting Store of conscious parenting books/children's books already put together for easy access for you! 

Stress free radio right from your computer. 
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Green Man Craft By Guest Author Grace From Blessed Elements

This craft is about Green Men. Green men are wonderful sculptures that have appeared in several cultures. This is a simple green man craft that can lead you and your child to explore their history and artists creations throughout time.
A great way to introduce your child to art is through crafts. Not only does our craft time provide fun and creativity but it also opens up an opportunity to learning. Learning is much more fun for a child when they don't know they are learning.

  • Green construction paper
  • Markers , Crayons, colored pencils and/ or colored chalk (I used colored glitter glue to add some sparkle).
  • Scissors
  • Template (provided)
  • I traced my green man leaf on a cereal box so I could keep the template and it also seemed to make it easier for the children to trace it on to their construction paper. Green Man Project
  • Take the template of the leaf and lay it on top of the construction paper and trace around it.
  • Take a marker or crayon and draw around the trace lines to make it easier to see when cutting.
  • Take scissors and cut out the pattern.
  • Make a face on the leaf and decorate with markers or other coloring supplies.
  • Display the green man on the refrigerator or other area where everyone can see it so your child knows how proud you are of the new art work.
  • Note:
    Before a craft project I usually ask what type of supplies they may feel we need for this project: This helps build problem solving skills and decision making skills. After completing this project I went outside with my grand children to see if we could see any faces in our tree barks or leaves. You just never know where green men are hiding these days. It also gave them ideas from nature for other faces they could draw for their greenmen. Enjoy, Grace
    Written by guest author Grace. 
    Thank you Grace for sharing such a cool craft idea!
    Two Green Men Grace Sculpted And One From Wood.


Wishing You A Zen Christmas By Guest Author Betsy Henry

Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree. 
~Roy L. Smith

One of my preschoolers excitedly told me today that there are 16 days until Christmas.  YIKES!

I admit it.  I’m behind this Christmas.  Some holiday seasons I have everything ready to go by Thanksgiving.  This year, I’m helping my parents move, hosted a fundraiser for my preschool.

How can you make your Christmas more “Zen like”?  How can you let go and be closer to the true meaning of Christmas? For me this means being closer to my family.

There are so many reasons Christmas gets hectic.  One is our high expectations of what we can accomplish.  Another is the feeling you have to see all your family and friends.  You can’t say no to anything.  Another reason Christmas gets crazy is that we worry about what other people will think if we don’t make it to the cookie exchange and we’re not volunteering at the soup kitchen or our Christmas lights aren’t up yet.  There can be huge anxiety associated with Christmas.  Debt can be one of those anxieties.

Take the Christmas season back!
  Make it about your kids and being a kid again!  I decided to research simple Christmas ideas and here’s what I came up with:

1.  Make meaningful presents like a photo album or a framed picture. This year I'm making photo cards for all my family.

2. You don’t have to send a Christmas card.  I didn’t last year.  But if you do, try to get your Christmas card or letter done in November.  I may work on it this weekend. But maybe not!

3. Plan to get some items online like amazon.com.  Amazon has free shipping after you spend $25.  You can send the gift directly to the recipient also saving on time and money.

4. Pick family names out of a hat; don’t buy a present for everyone in the family.  And as young kids get older they can join the adults.

5. Entertain less and go out less.  One night at home eating chili and watching a movie and you’ll be hooked! (We're actually having chili tonight!)

6. Have Christmas traditions.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money.  Our family gets one big gift per person and then does little things for each other.  Baking cookies and reading favorite holiday stories can be some of the best presents.  We have a tradition of always doing the tree together.  We also watch “A Christmas Carol” together every year (The Muppet one!).  We have a family meal together at our favorite Greek restaurant every Dec. 18th.  These traditions are just as important as Christmas Day.

7. Have the kids do their shopping for family members themselves.  We go to the dollar store and 2nd hand shops.  They love the giving as much as the receiving.  It’s very meaningful.

8. Regift! Shop at 2nd hand shops.  I find so many treasures. Spend wisely.  Keep a list of what you’re spending.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make someone happy!  They are often just happy you thought of them.

9. Lower expectation of family members.  I have some friends who don’t enjoy Christmas because they’re expected to see all their family.  You can’t be everywhere and please everyone.  If you expect that this year everyone will be different, you should lower your expectations.  Then you won’t be disappointed.

10. Help others.  Every year we pick a family who is having a tough year and leave secret gifts outside their door for the first “12 Days of Christmas”.  The first day is A Partrige in a Pear Tree.  We try to find something that has to do with a pear or a partidge.  Sometimes it's hard but we manage to think of ideas.  The kids love ringing the doorbell and running away.  Also, being an anonymous giver is part of the fun, too.

Here are some wonderful low cost ideas for this Christmas

1.  Plastic stemless wine glasses are inexpensive and look like glass.  I'm giving this with a inexpensive bottle of wine for our preschool exchange.

2. Through blogging I have come across some great books. Here are two I recommend:
Courage & Croissants: 

I loved this book!  Jean and Suzanne leave their hectic San Francisco life and move to the south of France with their young daughter. There, they unplug and search for the joie de vivre missing for so many modern families. It is an act of taking back control of life in small and big ways, reclaiming their creative sides while embracing a change of priorities and pace. Courage and Croissants brings readers along on this journey. A gripping memoir and guidebook!!

Zensational Living: Loaded with sensible advice, Zen-Sational Living is a road-map for making good decisions and being your best. From the basics of Zen, to health (mental and physical), creating a personal space, and everything in between! Whether you're in need of a boost, a change, or are starting on your own road of self-discovery, ZEN-SATIONAL LIVING will guide you on your journey. Your life will change with easy to follow chapters on judgment, focus, compassion, forgiveness, stress, relaxation, and many more.

And don't forget my books!!  :)

3. Apple Photo Albums (or others like Snapfish) If you have a mac computer it's easy to make little professional photo albums with iphoto.  I've made one each year and it's everyone's favorite present!

Good luck and hope you find yourself having a more zen like Christmas.  I'll let you know how mine goes!

Written By Guest Author Betsy Henry From Zen Mama.

"A conscious relationship is never hierarchical or linear. Conscious discipline isn't parent versus child, but involves a circular dynamic of parent with child. The relationship between parent and child is paramount, not specific techniques. No matter what may be occurring in the terms of the content of the relationship, the relationship itself should always be circular in nature. Many behavioral issues can be headed off simply by altering the parent-child dynamic in this way." Shefali Tsabary, PhD
The Conscious Parent ~ Transforming ourselves empowering our children.
Review And Give Away ~ Christmas Day!
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Appreciation Jars For Kids

Every parent struggles at some point in life with feeling unappreciated.  You've bathed, clothed, fed, and lost sleep over the little wonders you've brought into this world.  Doesn't anyone notice how much you've sacrificed?  It seems hard to imagine those kiddies may feel like you don't appreciate them enough.  But, kids struggle with the same internal angst that we model for them.  So, today is your day to model appreciation.
It won't take a playstation, electric guitar, or keys to the car to show your love.  Instead, one of life's most valuable lessons can be taught with a tiny, inexpensive jar.  Now, this will take a little work, but it is worth it.
You'll see.  First, identify a milestone in your relationship.  It could be a 15th birthday, college graduation (17 years of school), or your 20-year-old is finally taking the leap and completely moving out of your nest.  Tell your babes 15, 17, or 20 reasons you love them and package the message up in a bottle.
Here's what you will need:
1-A tiny (yes tiny) glass jar from the dollar store, with a lid.
2-A few pieces of colorful paper.
3-A fine tipped black marker/pen.
4-A piece of ribbon
5-A piece of cardstock to make a small card.
6-Hole punch
7-Glass beads optional
Fold your cardstock into the shape of a small card.  Punch a hold in the corner and slip your ribbon through it.  Then, write a message to daughter or son.  Need an idea?
To my beautiful child,
     You have enriched my life beyond words.  Each day I am more grateful for the time we've shared.  Now, as you prepare to move into your own home...I want to celebrate each year of your life by sharing 20 reasons that I love you.
Now you need to come up with those 20 reasons.  The thought can be as simple as "I love your beautiful eyes", "I love that you call your grandma everyday",  or "I love your artistic side".  Just make sure the words will fit on the paper square you're about to cut out.  You can also offer 20 reasons you are proud of your child instead, depending on the occasion.  If you need a higher number...tell them how they've made each of your 40 years in this world worth it.  Don't get complicated.  Just sit back and let yourself think about all the ways you love your child.
After you cut several squares out of the multi-colored paper, write each of the things you are thankful for on the paper.  You can also buy a heart-shaped punch if you prefer that instead of squares.  Fold the pieces once or twice, just to give the paper some volume in the jar.  My jar is rather large (too large really), so I padded the bottom with glass beads, which I got from the Dollar Store.  Tie the ribbon attached to your card around the top of the jar and throw on the lid. 
Carve out alone time for this special gift.  Pull out each piece of paper one by one to read to your loved one.  You will knock their socks off.  It will only cost a few dollars to make, but the results are priceless.  Your child will say it was the best gift they've ever gotten, and if they don't...you'll know it is the best gift you've ever given.  You'll feel wonderful all night having the peace of mind that you didn't keep those feelings bottled up for a lifetime...you opened that jar and made sure your kids know just how much you love and appreciate them.
P.S.  I'd love to hear all about your give-giving experience.  Connect to the original post on my blog and share your story in the comments section by clicking here.

Written By Guest Author Tammy Palmer (Crafty Cat) from the super creative blog Crafty Life And Style.
Tammy & Jodee are super creative ladies. Be sure to check out one of their recent blog posts.
Ho Ho Ho Valance & Double Sided Foam Tape!
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"Your unconsciousness isn't your children's to inherit: it is yours to excavate. Being a conscious parent means you are increasingly aware of the force and prevalence of your unconsciousness as it arises in everyday situations." Shefali Tsabary, PhD
The Conscious Parent ~ Transforming ourselves empowering our children.
The Conscious Parent (book) by Shefali Tsabary


To the Children of this New World | Namaste Publishing

Amber Hinton author of the profound children's book Mr. Ego And The Bubble Of Love wrote this beautiful letter to the children of this world.

We wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!


What's your favorite oracle card deck?

I love my angel cards. It's fun and harmless to ask the universe or the angels a question and pick a card for the answer. Everyone who comes over loves to draw a card. Me and Stacy have several different kinds of card decks spread around our homes in decorative baskets or bowls. We have decks from Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Abraham Hicks and more.


Each deck comes with a guidebook explaining the meaning of each card.

Today I'm drawing a card from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card Deck By Doreen Virtue with the intention of receiving advice from the angels for anyone who might read this post!

I drew the Teacher card. The teacher card has a beautiful illustration of Mahachohan Ragoczy on it.

Meaning: This card is about learning and teaching. You've learned a lot from your experiences and relationships, and now it's time to pass that knowledge along to others. Your current situation is bringing you opportunities for spiritual growth and teaching you some important life lessons. As soon as you understand and accept these lessons, old patterns will drop away and be replaced wonderful new experiences.


Doreen Virtue

What's your favorite card decks?
Written by: Carol Lawrence


Teaching Your Child The Power Of Stillness & What's The Best Thing About Your Kids?

Have you heard of our Intentional Conscious Parenting Blog Frog Community?
Our BlogFrog community is a branch off of our ICP blog. At our BlogFrog Community the reader can start a conversation. We hope you will hop on over and check it out! Join a conversation in progress or start a new one. 

One of the conversations taking place was started by one of our community members Vedette.

What is the Best Thing about Your Kids?

It's easy to get into the habit of complaining about our kids.  They drive us up the wall sometimes!  But I find it really healing to think about the good qualities in my daughter, especially when I'm feeling drained by her.

The best thing about my daughter is her crazy wacky personality.  She is absolutely hilarious and I swear if she was in public school, she would be the class clown!  She feeds off other people's laughter and that just makes her progressively funnier. :)  She is especially good at brightening my mood when I'm feeling down, and I have to give her credit for getting me through some pretty rough patches.

What is the best thing about your kid(s)?

Visit the "What is the Best Thing about Your Kids?" Discussion

Over at our friend Carol's ArtMuseDogs ~ Share The Creative Journey BlogFrog Community there's a great discussion going on about allowing children unstructured time and meditation. 

~ Teaching Your Child The Power Of Stillness ~
Do you ever allow your child unstructured time. Time to dream, play and just be.
It's so important to demonstrate to our children how to take a time out and just sit in silence. Even for 30 seconds or a minute and listen to the stillness. To be comfortable in our own skin without constant interruption on electronics, people and our own need for doing.
Having children spend one hour a week journaling, painting, writing, walking in nature helps create a habit of calming our world down and tuning into our creative side.

Visit the "Teaching your child the power of stillness." Discussion

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Mister Ego And The Bubble Of Love Children's Book Review & Give Away!

We recently had the pleasure of reading Mister Ego And The Bubble Of Love by Amber Hinton    Illustrations by: Gabreyhl Zintoll

Amber Hinton displays her superb craft in a very colorful luminous way. The phenomenal eye candy of Gabreyhl Zintoll's illustrations mixed with Amber's transparent words fit like a glove. At it's simplest form this profound children's book shows children how to invite their ego into their own love bubble within. The I AM Presence is strong through out this book. This valuable tool could last your child a lifetime!

When that "icky" feeling arises inside, And I feel I must scream or else I will cry, I remember that prickly Mister Ego's about, Trying to make me bang something or shout.

That's when I choose to sit still and invite Mister Ego to join me. Oh, what a delight! He can meet me inside and get cozy within. My bubble of love, just made for him. ~ Constance Kellough

Win a copy of Mr. Ego And The Bubble Of Love
Please leave a comment for every entry. 
A winner will be chosen using random.org. 
The more comments the more chances of winning.
Thank you for reading our blog!
As we always say! Follow your intuition.

Mister Ego and the Bubble of Love

Written by: Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten

Doreen Virtue


Free Flowing Child | FitBeautiful! Magazine - The Source For Fitness & Beauty

Our article Free Flowing Child was published this month in FitBeautiful Magazine. FitBeautiful is a monthly online magazine that is also available in print twice a year. 

FitBeautiful ~ The Source For Fitness And Beauty. 
Our article is under the Inspirational ~ Your Spiritual Side category. If you want to learn how to take care of your body inside and out this is the magazine for you. I particularly found the articles: The Protein Shake and When To Throw Away Your Cosmetics very insightful.

If you have a chance please check out our article and leave a comment at FitBeautiful!

Free Flowing Child | FitBeautiful! Magazine - The Source For Fitness & Beauty

Thanks for reading our blog. We really appreciate it.
Do you have any topics in the spiritual parenting realm you would like covered?
Leave a comment with your ideas. We'd love to hear them.

Update: Review and Giveaway of the brand new children's book On My Way To A Happy Life by Deepak Chopra & Kristina Tracy will be coming soon! 
We have a whole line up of exciting reviews and give aways, so stay tuned!

"When we focus on the achievement of the goal instead of the learning process, our children miss many opportunities to develop their self esteem," ~ Shefali Tsabary 
Quoted with permission from her new book The Conscious Parent transforming ourselves empowering our children. (Review and Give away coming soon)

Doreen Virtue
Do you have a relationship with your angels?


Winner Announcement For Milton's Secret By: Eckhart Tolle & Robert Friedman

Congratulations to Aruna Kathy Humphry. 
You have won a copy of Milton's Secret by Eckhart Tolle and Robert Friedman. 

Milton's Secret  
~ An adventure of discovery through Then, When, And the Power of Now.
By Eckhart Tolle & Robert S Friedman
Illustrated by Frank Riccio

Milton's Secret will take your child on an internalizing thought provoking journey as Milton seeks to utilize his own inner power. Through lessons learned from being in the now Milton is empowered to turn a negative scary situation into an eye opening positive engaging experience.

Eckhart Tolle & Robert S. Friedman do an exceptional job teaching children how to see the light in others and live in the now.

Illustrator Frank Riccio draws you in with his 
alluring illustrations and exquisite details!

Aruna is the author of Young Yoga Masters ~ Timeless Wisdom For The Leaders Of Today And Tomorrow

Thanks Aruna for reading our blog, leaving comments and entering our contests! We would like to invite you to tell us more about your blog and your idea of bringing yoga into schools.

You still have time to check out the Hay House dollar day sale. 
The sale is good through December 11th.

Here's a few of the items that are just $1.00 
Use for special holiday gifts or stocking stuffer's!

  • The Wise And Witty Stress Solution Kit
  • The Ultimate Astrologer
  • Love Thyself ~ by Dr. Masaru Emoto
  • Words Of Wisdom For Women Who Do To Much - 50 Card Deck (ONLY $1.00!) 
  • Slyvia Browne ~ Father God
  • Carnie Wilson ~ Gut Feelings
  • Power Thoughts For Teens 50-Card Deck By: Louise Hay
  • How To Ruin Your Life ~ Ben Stein
  • Cat Comfort Cards ~ Beautifully illustrated Card Deck With Daily Advice From The Feline World To Their Human Companions!
  • Rainy Day Fun Cards ~ A 25 Card Fun Deck By Parenting Magazine
And lot's more. 
Catalog 2010 - 125x125

As Promised The Review And Give Away Of: Mr. Ego And The Bubble Of Love Will Be Posted This Weekend.

Have you heard of The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary? Our review and give away will be available soon until then we will be sharing little tidbits from her Inspiring new book.

I want to emphasize that the most profound way for which we can teach our children to access their inner abundance, empowerment, and purpose is if we have accessed our own. When we have, our presence becomes our most potent parenting tool.
~ Shefali Tsabary The Conscious Parent  

I was absolutely enthralled with the insight and detail Shefali brings to the conscious parenting world. She is truly walking the conscious parenting path and is willing to share with all of us her infinite authentic voice.

Have you heard of Namaste Publishing? Namaste is not your traditional publishing company. The Namaste Publishing staff is full of  passionate, spiritually-oriented people who publish books, DVDs, and other materials that provide rich experience of stillness, oneness, love, and service.
They believe true change comes through inner work.
 Learn more about the Namaste Publishing story and take a look at all their great products.

Written by: Carol Lawrence